Kidnapping Julius Caesar? Wasn’t A Good Idea…

The famous Roman general Julius Caesar had a big stake in the rise of the Roman Empire. It was his adopted heir Octavian, better known as Augustus, who would take control after his assassination and become the first Roman Emperor in 27 B.C. A long time before Caesar seized power, the top news story wasn’t … Read more

Top 10 Horrible Roman Execution Methods

The Roman Empire has fascinated historians for centuries. The most powerful empire on earth at the time also happened to be one of the most blood-thirsty. This is emphasized by Vespasian’s construction of the Colosseum, a huge arena where millions of people and animals lost their lives for the sake of entertainment. Criminals in the … Read more

17 Peculiar Fun Facts About The Romans

The Roman empire was one of the largest empires ever, and in this list, You’ll find some fun facts about the Romans You probably don’t know yet. In its glory days, the Roman Empire ruled most parts of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. The Roman army was one of the most sophisticated warrior groups … Read more