Top 10 Horrible Roman Execution Methods

The Roman Empire has fascinated historians for centuries. The most powerful empire on earth at the time also happened to be one of the most blood-thirsty. This is emphasized by Vespasian’s construction of the Colosseum, a huge arena where millions of people and animals lost their lives for the sake of entertainment. Criminals in the … Read more

45 Horrendous Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

He wasn’t just one of the worst serial killers to ever live, but also one of the most terrifying ones. In this post, you’ll discover the ultimate list of facts about Jeffrey Dahmer. 1. Who was Jeffrey Dahmer? Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer who was convicted of murdering 17 people between June 18, 1978, … Read more

27 Of The Most Shocking Facts About Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy evil look

Facts about serial killers, and in this case facts about Ted Bundy, are always intriguing. They not only allow us to look into the darkest souls to ever live but also because they shock us to the core. How is somebody capable of murdering another human being just for thrills? And even worse, do it … Read more